Retro-HDMI specializes in high-definition hardware mods for a wide variety of classic video game consoles. Every console we build uses 100% authentic hardware, supplied directly by the most trusted manufacturers in the modding community.

Ultimate Console Mod Combinations

Combine the powers of HDMI-output and Optical Drive Emulation (ODE) mods to create the ultimate consoles.


SP Model Coming Soon!

Experience the entire GameBoy library, on the big screen! 

GameBoy Advance SP Consolizer
DCDigital Dreamcast Console

DCDigital Consoles Back in Stock

*limited availability, while supplies last

Game Gear Going Dark?

We can replace your dark and fuzzy Game Gear screen with brand new, crystal clear LCD technology!

Stay Tuned...

The elusive UltraHDMI mod is returning soon, this time with native RGB and Y/Pb/Pr support! Follow our production update blog, or sign up for our email newsletter to find out when...